Joseph Henry Nuxhall
July 30, 1928 - Nov. 15, 2007

One of the most popular figures in Cincinnati sports history. Joe has been synonymous with Reds baseball since he first appeared for the club as a 15 year - old in 1944, making him the youngest player of the modern era to appear in a
Major League game.

Although that historic debut provided Joe with his greatest fame as a player, the "Ol' Left-hander" went on to have a long and successful career in the Queen City. After returning to the majors for good in 1952, Joe racked up 135 careeer wins and two All-Star appearances in 15 seasons, 13 1/2 of which were spent his hometown team.

Following his retirement in 1967, Joe entered the radio broadcast booth. His 31 years partnering with Marty Brennaman, gave the Reds one of the best radio duos in the game and further cemented Joe's status as a Cincinnati icon.

In all, Joe spent 64 seasons as a member of the Reds organization as a player and a broadcaster, bridging the gthrough generations of
Reds players, coaches, managers and executives. During that time, Joe touched the lives of thousands of fans throughout Reds Country, all of whom will forever remember his famous sign-off: "This is the Ol' Left-hander, rounding third an heading for home."

"I've never had one person say a negative thing about him. I don't care how good a person you are -- somebody is going to have something bad to say about you . But through all my travels in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, I never had anyone say anything negative about him. The way he related to people was outstanding. He put everyone at ease." Marty Brenneman

"Joe is the heart of the Cincinnati franchise. You on't find a better man than Joe Nuxhall to have on your team. An entire lifetime dedicated to baseball and this franchise. He exemplifies everything baseball is all about, from the mound to the booth."
Bob Castellini

"One of his secrets to success was he could deal with everybody. It didn't matter who you were or what you did. He got along with everybody."
John Allen

"He loved the kids. If we had a kid up, he was the first guy to be over talking to him. If he was an outfielder or infielder, he'd still be the first one to talk with him."
Bernie Stowe

"From the first day I walked on the field at spring training in Tampa, Joe was always there to help with whatever. He just oozed Reds baseball."
Johnny Bench

"I've known Joe my entire life. He did so many great things for so many people. You never heard anyone ever say a bad word about him."
Ken Griffey Jr.

"He was my mentor. He was just a good man. He taught me how to hold myself up. He helped me handle failure. I have yet to find a guy who didn't enjoy being around him."
Tom Browning

"He's like the best uncle you ever had. I thought of him like that. I thought of him almost a father figure later. He was the cool uncle who would talk to you the way most grownups wouldn't talk to you."
Dave Armbruster

"He was one of the greatest human beings I've ever met. He was humble. He always thought of others first. I know he was a great pitcher and he's done a lot of other things, but I think everything else is second to being a great human being."
Sean Casey