School-wide Strategies for Implementing Character Education

Establish a Character Committee or Council

- Include a diverse group of stakeholders, i.e., teachers, support staff, specials, parents, custodians, bus drivers, cooks, etc.
- Research and educate the committee on an ongoing basis.
- Discuss common core beliefs ab out character, followed by a mission statement, goals, objectives and and action plan.
- Assess and evaluate often via surveys of staff, students and parents.

Maximize Parental Involvement
- Involve, inform and give a clear consistent message that character is important in your school.

Staff Development
- Provide development and training on an ongoing basis.
- Discuss and make character a top priority during staff meetings.
Create Unity
- Gather as a group to celebrate, honor and discuss character as a school.
- Have a character message for each daily morning announcement.

Service Learning
- Provide opportunities that give students meaningful connections to learn and reflect upon.

- Cultivate character into every aspect of your curriculum.

TIP: Take a close look at "everything" you do as a school and ask, "What can we do to promote, teach, learn and integrate character in our school?"